BW Cup XI - Finals [Won by Mako]

Felicidades Mako muy merecida run y suerte en poffs. Me hace muy feliz perder finals contra ti y en muy buenos games por tu parte.

Feels sad to lose another BW Final after losing 2x BWPL Finals and x2 BW SSNL Finals, maybe finals are just not for me. But after beating some great players in some very hard rounds im really happy for making finals one more time. Just wanna thank Fakee, Feaniix and airfare in particular for helping me across this tour with ideas, games and teams. Think I'll not be playing SPL but Im really happy for finally being able to show how far I can go in tours as important as these and gl to all in poffs. Expect a post exposing some stuff soon.
won in 2, ggs.

huge s/o to Rewer Isza Dark Eeveon Jhonx~ for either providing me teams or giving some input when i needed it for a tier i certainly do not play often. would not have gotten here without u all :heart:

i think bw is lots of fun when the awk mons like cloy and volc arent present, as it showcased in this specific set, i personally enjoyed it the most playing balanced stuff. ultimately ill refrain from giving my opinion on those and leave it to the council if they believe smth should be done. looking forward to play some more bw in poffs


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